Ahwatukee Health and Recovery

Individual, Group, and Family Counseling:

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling allows you to process past trauma, anxiety or depression, cope with major life transitions or events, and to gain perspective on your own individual experiences. As people, we can tend to get stuck on the same problem over and over again and feel overwhelmed. Our clinical staff at Ahwatukee Health and Recovery can help you navigate through those barricades on your journey to sobriety.

Family Counseling

At Ahwatukee Health and Recovery, we believe that family involvement is crucial to sustained sobriety. Family can be used as a first line of defense when an individual feels vulnerable and tempted to relapse back into past behavior. Family counseling is effective because it transfers the blame from the individual to the addictive behaviors. It helps families recognize that the “problem” is not the afflicted individual but it is the addiction and how they respond. Our family counseling program utilizes education, group processing, perspective taking, and problem solving to unite each individual back with their family.

Group Counseling

Group counseling helps you realize that you are not alone. In group therapy, being able to receive support and offer perspective builds self confidence in a safe environment. Group therapy offers the added benefit of being able to carry the groups’ support between sessions, making it easier to continue to navigate sobriety in the world outside of treatment. The support of the group reassures you so that you can report back to a group of people, who care about you and will listen to your experience.