Ahwatukee Health and Recovery

Weekly Bible Study with Thomas Pike

Every week, Thomas hosts a Bible Study in the Big Room at Ahwatukee Health and Recovery.  This Study is open to everyone.

A Word from Thomas Pike:

I Am Free

“I am free from my addiction and have a new beginning in Christ Jesus. I started off as a young buck and now I am well into my thirties. Since I was a teenager, my major addiction was co-dependency. I was not mister popular growing up and did not become well liked or respected until I started selling crystal meth. After I ran out of drugs to sell, I found myself alone, discontent, and in despair. Nobody cared about me when I was at my low so I wanted to make it a priority to never run out of drugs again. The problem was I could not keep myself out of trouble with the law. By the time I was 18, I had been in juvenile detention centers countless amount of times and was looking at my first sales charge as an adult. From 15 to 33, I had spent almost 12 years incarcerated and cannot even tell you how many times I have been to rehab and locked away from my family dressed in pink and orange. At 31, I met Christ in a significant way and every time I relapsed I started to get severe panic attacks. Sadly, I started to get used to the panic attacks and still continued to use. Then, one day I was taught how to get on my knees and pray and learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit speak to me through quiet time. By the time I got out of prison, I was on my third year of sobriety until I made one small selfish decision and ended up right back with a needle in my arm. Today, I am clean and I have lost the desire to use but most importantly to sell drugs. The Holy Spirit intervened and told me that he had taught me how to stay clean in prison and I had to go though the relapses on the outside to teach me how to stay clean on the street. As life goes on, I am learning that I am not perfect and never will be until I am with God in heaven. Here in the world, God sees me as a new creation and has giving me a new chance and beginning. It is by His grace and mercy that I have been forgiven from my past and have a new life in the future. As life goes on, I have been given a second chance to pursue after my dreams of becoming a Pastor and being a representative of God’s Kingdom by helping save those, who are lost just like I was until Christ came into my life. It does not matter who you are or what you have done in your past God loves you no matter what and will forgive you by inviting Him into your life. There is no person, possession, or any kind of money that compares to having the Holy Spirit guide you and teach you how to live in all truth. Without Him, I would be lost and suffering with a needle in my arm having no idea what to do next but continue down a destructive path that was not originally meant for my being. I am here now to tell you that if I can stay clean anyone can. It was not until I humbled myself and realized that I cannot bear this cross alone that I was able to stop contradicting myself. After I invited God into my life, everything has changed for the better. I know I have more than a chance this time but a guarantee at success as I stay obedient to God’s Will for my life. It is His divine purpose to lead me to a foundation of supremacy and he will do it for you too. All you have to do is allow him to be the mediator of your life and miracles will surface and new beginnings will be unfathomable.”

Watch videos of our weekly Bible Studies and follow along with the notes provided: