Ahwatukee Health and Recovery

About us: We believe that to treat addiction, you must together treat the body for physical symptoms and the mind for behavioral triggers. Physical and mental withdrawal symptoms may last after over a year of sobriety. Some physical symptoms may include nausea, exhaustion, seizures, joint aches, increased sweating, hot flashes, muscle spasms, and headaches. Some mental withdrawal symptoms include severe cravings, depression, anxiety, drug-induced psychosis, or an inability to fall or stay asleep.

We strongly believe treating the mind and body together is a proven fact for a higher success rate of recovery. At Ahwatukee Health Care and Recovery, our state of the art recovery model is about treating the body with our exceptional medical team, in correspondence with treating the mind through therapy with our comprehensive clinical team. We will schedule your appointment to meet with your doctor and therapist all within the same visit to you can learn more about how we can help you. It’s that easy.

Ahwatukee Health and Recovery creates a unique treatment plan and relapse prevention plan that includes:

In home detoxification
Medication Assisted Treatment
Recognition and understanding of relapse triggers
Evidenced based clinical practices
Family education and therapy
Educational Seminars and community outreach
Access to community-based programs, such as AA or NA
Creation of a sober support network outside of the treatment center
Case management

Meet our Experienced Providers and Staff

Dr. Daniel Pacheco, MD, MA

Dr. Daniel M. Pacheco is a board certified Internal Medicine physician, who is also certified to provide Suboxone treatment. He brings a unique background of being a former Masters level mental health/substance abuse counselor, prior to becoming a physician. Dr. Pacheco has worked in a variety of inpatient/outpatients settings as a physician and chief medical officer. Having this vast experience allows him to better understand and treat those with addictions. His passion is helping others make positive changes in their lives and treating the whole person.

Ms. Samantha Higgins, LPC-S

Ms. Samantha Higgins is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 10+ years experience as a licensed practitioner in the field of addiction.  She is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a Master’s Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling. Ms. Higgins has worked in a wide array of settings including acute hospital, residential treatment, and outpatient services.  As a crisis specialist, Ms. Higgins has counseled patients with trauma, psychotic episodes, and potential overdoses. Her extensive background in addiction, mental health, and crisis intervention makes her thoroughly prepared to address and treat each individual’s specific needs.  Her passion is to help others during their journey to obtain a healthy and successful life.

Ms. Linda M. Cantley, LASAC, MAC, M.Ed

Ms. Linda M. Cantley, LASAC, MAC, M.Ed, is a Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Clinician with 12 years of experience in the behavioral health field.  Her focus of practice is Substance Abuse, Trauma, Grief/Loss, Inner Child Work, Self-Esteem Building, and Domestic Violence for both offender and survivor. Ms. Cantley is a proud graduate of Ottawa University of Arizona, with a Master’s Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling; Northern Arizona University, with a Master’s of Education in Human Relations; Arizona State University, with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology; and last but not least, Phoenix College, with a Associate of Arts in Psychology.  She has worked in multiple aspects of behavioral health with the Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and General Mental Health (GMH) populations, psychiatric facilities, residential facilities, and outpatient facilities.  She has furthered my portfolio to ensure the whole person is being healed through addictions or that of mental suffering.  Being skilled in Suicide Prevention and being a Certified Chaplain Assistant, allow for the opportunity to address various aspects of ones recovery to wholeness.  She feels that having lived the experiences and becoming educated to make a difference in ones life, gives her the ability to be a well-rounded counselor.  Her motto is “It takes all of us to live in this world, not just one but all.”  Ms. Cantley feels that you should allow yourself the opportunity to become grounded in recovery of any aspect of life, by giving Ahwatukee Health and Recovery and our team an opportunity to walk with you in your recovery.  She believes understanding who we are, what we are, and why we are, is the key to know where we are in life.

Ms. Brittney Dilley, Intern Counselor

Ms. Brittney Dilley is an Intern Counselor heading up our Scholarship Program, which gives discounted psychotherapy to people who would not otherwise be able to afford treatment.  Ms. Dilley is currently obtaining her Master’s in Counseling at Grand Canyon University.  Prior to admitting into a Master’s Program, Ms. Dilley gained ten years of experience working with the Serious Mental Illness (SMI) population at a government-funded mental health facility.

Ms. Katherine Sarina, BA, Administrator

Ms. Katherine Sarina, BA, holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from the University of Southern California.  She gained her experience in the field of mental health and substance abuse when she worked in a licensed sub-acute detox, residential, and outpatient clinic performing utilization review, case management, and intake in Southern California.  She, also, gained experience in behavior modification as an ABA therapist and as a research assistant for smoking cessation at the University of Southern California.  Ms. Sarina wanted to create an ethical, transparent outpatient program because she saw the lack of outpatient medical and clinical treatment for those who were not able to go inpatient but still needed some level of support.  Her mission is to provide restoration and hope to anybody who wants it; she believe that everybody is worthy and loved by God and should be treated accordingly.

Ms. Joselyn Todechine, MA

Ms. Joselyn Todechine is a Medical Assistant.  More information coming soon!